Links to My Writing

I write things other than this blog. Lots of things, in fact. Here are links to some of said things.


I’ve blogged extensively for the Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association.

First, a piece from the July 2017 meeting on how to be digitally dazzling with a budget of only $100, courtesy of Mike Esordi.
Style, Dahlink: Looking Great on a Budget

This was a fun one. Ruth Burr Reedy always brings the smarts, in this case when discussing Google Tag Manager.
Tag It & Bag It: Ruth Burr Reedy Wants You to Conquer Your Data

Pearl Higgins had the whole crowd starstruck when she shared her insights into narrative and the power of story.
Powerful Storytelling: Pearls Before Marketers


As part of my work with DFWSEM, I’ve worked on lots of material for the annual State of Search Conference. This is some coverage of the event.

In 2016, we had some successful panels that cut through the noise. So we built that into a series for 2017.
Real Panels for the Real World

I had to work a Stone Temple Pilots reference into the title when Stone Temple’s Mark Traphagen spoke. C’mon. I’m not made of stone.
Mark Traphagen Hates Your Tweets

Yes, this title is bonkers. It also got great click-through. Of course, that could be because folks know Casey Markee.
Markee Marketing to the Funky Bunch: Casey Markee on the Art of Storytelling


Ah! This is a flashback.

I wrote this piece on site load times and how to improve them all the way back in 2014. Last time I checked it had over 2100 views.
Need for Speed: Improving Website Load Times Can Boost Your Business


More recently, at Pacific Union Financial, I wrote everything from web copy to social posts to video scripts and more. Though a site overhaul has sliced and diced my copy so it could be reapportioned and repurposed, these blogs are still in their original packaging.

One of the biggest problems with a lot of financial writing is unreadability. This is a B2C piece to help demystify mortgage tax deductions.
Your 1098: What’s in All Those Little Boxes

B2B mortgage marketing can be a little…ah…dry. This was something I threw together to highlight some recent changes of interest to client partners.
And the Winner Is…