It feels a little vulgar to toot my own horn. These lovely people are kind enough to do it for me.

Scott Vann, Former President, Dallas-Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association:

I am so thankful that I stumbled upon the masterful wordsmithing of Stephanie Studer. She has been a complete delight to work with. Her work is thorough, well thought out, and efficient. Not once I have been disappointed in the work product I’ve received from her, whether it was editing a document I had written or a document she was asked to write from scratch. If you have any copywriting you need done you better get it into her now, because someone will soon be hiring her full time and I hope it is me.

Kelsey Piper, SEO Manager at DealerOn & Owner of Kelcey Piper Photography:

I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie during my tenure as a member of the Board of Directors for the Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association. Even as the VP of Communications, nothing that I, nor anyone else, wrote was shared or posted to the organization’s website, email, or social feeds without Stephanie’s exceptional eye. Stephanie is an incredible writer and copy editor, who I often entrust with my professional communications, as she can provide feedback that I wouldn’t be able to come up with on my own; not to mention the fact that she is incredibly smart, funny, poignant and amiable. I have really enjoyed working with Stephanie, and, should you choose to hire her, you will, too.

Nikki Trufant-Wade, Digital Marketer and Reputation Management Professional:

Stephanie gives great insight into the world of storytelling with just the right pinch of humor.

Timothy Huneycutt, Local SEO Professional:

I’ve had the pleasure of working with and for Stephanie, and she is an absolute delight and an incredible copywriter. If I ever got stuck, she found a way to solve the problem, and the end result was better because of her input. If you ever need someone to jazz up your content, you couldn’t find a better person than Editrix Studer.