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So, you should write video scripts.

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Companies and marketers are spending more on online video. Which makes sense. Motion attracts attention. Part of our lizard hindbrain perks up and says, “Hey. That thing. It’s moving. Can it eat me? Oh! Can I eat it?” Instincts like that make for receptivity, if only at first.

The key is “at first.” Even with that advantage, you have to keep viewers engaged. And let’s be honest, y’all — a lot of videos suck.

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So, let’s talk about memory

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Have you seen Memento? Of course you’ve seen Memento. Because it’s awesome. Non-linear storytelling, intelligent writing, hot shirtless Aussies with tattoos — what’s not to like? I caught a glimpse of it the other day while channel surfing and it got me thinking.

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