So, here’s Thought Experiment #3

Time for a Thought Experiment

There’s always time for lateral thinking.

How would you write a bit of social media copy to promote your brand that doesn’t mention it by name? AND doesn’t mention your industry?

As an example, let’s consider something near and dear to my heart: Coffee. Folgers is a popular brand, so we’ll run with that. How about a tweet? Keep it short and sweet, well shy of the 140 characters the platform allows so that there’s room for people to retweet with their own handle intact.

“You have grown-up things to do. We can help.”

“You need to be awake anyway. How about something delicious?”

“We can’t make Monday go away. But we can make it less Mondayish.”

Why would I ask this?

Because you, buddy, should start thinking about the experience you’re selling.

Consider it. See what shakes out.

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