So, it’s been entirely too long.


You know the old saying. The cobbler’s children are always barefoot. No, I don’t make shoes — but I do make content. Lots and lots of content. I’m deeply fortunate that I get to make a living as a writer, but that does mean that sometimes my own projects take a back seat. Like this blog.

But y’all, I saw this, and I was slapped upside the head with the huge, shiny halibut of inspiration.

Unsurprisingly, it has to do with lateral thinking. Gorgeous lateral thinking. I might ever say artisanal lateral thinking.

First, a confession. I don’t knit. I can’t. Nor can I crochet, sew, spin, weave, or do anything with string aside from tie up a bouquet garni or wrap a package. But I love and respect these disciplines. They’re old sciences, and they kept our ancestors warm and dry long before 80s Members Only jackets hit the scene.

Cory Feldman was cooler than you.

Don’t act like you didn’t want one.

Knitter extraordinaire Anne Eunson has done something astonishing with this old science. It’s practical. It’s beautiful. It’s wholly unique. Most importantly, it’s a brilliant example of lateral thinking.

She knitted a fence.

No, really. And not just any fence. She’s in Shetland, so she knitted a Shetland lace fence. Out of the material used for fishing nets. How badass is that?

Twelve. It’s a solid twelve badass. On a scale of one to five.

What skill do you have that you could use in a badass new way? Might be worth thinking about.

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