So, storytelling for what?

Storytelling for Success

Storytelling for success.

Yeah, I know. Sounds buzzword-y, doesn’t it? Like something you’d see on an 80s inspirational poster with a picture of a beach at sunset. But stick with me. This is actually pretty badass. 

Marketing gets a bad rap. There are a lot of reasons for that. Marketing gets conflated with Glengarry Glen Ross-style sales brutality. Dudes on Mad Men ride secretaries around the office. And we’ve all seen infomercials put together by marketers who seem to think humans are too stupid to operate high-tech equipment like, say, hammers. But in my opinion, one of the most pervasive reasons is the means you’re using to read this right now.

Yep. That whole “internet destabilizing everything” deal is legit, y’all. With the internet comes social media. With social media comes scrutiny. With scrutiny comes people holding up poor customer service or poorly-written instructions or poorly-worded no-guarantee-expressed-or-implied small print for examination and mockery. Everyone can see the man behind the curtain, and he’s not always behaving well. Sometimes he’s on the couch shame eating taquitos in his underwear.

So, how do we fix this? How do we create messages that stay on-brand but don’t reek of insincerity? How do we talk to folks who are already cynical about our motivations? In short, how do we not suck?


Wanna know how? Stick around.

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