So, here’s Thought Experiment #2

Time for a Thought Experiment

There’s always time for lateral thinking.

Who would you cast as the lead character for some of the businesses and brands you’ll encounter today? Who is the name above the title on the movie poster?

For example: If I were casting Tiffany & Co., I’d chose Helen Mirren. Classy, established, effortlessly elegant, strong positive associations…sounds like a natural fit.

What about your phone company? The sandwich shop you like near work? The extermination company who’s van you’re stuck behind in traffic? Maybe you’ve got a Tom Hiddleston pet grooming place nearby, or a Jet Li plumbing biz. Could be that Octavia Spencer would be the perfect fit for the salon that cuts your hair.

Why would I ask this?

Because you, buddy, should start thinking about the character that is your brand.

Think about it. See what pops into your head.

One thought on “So, here’s Thought Experiment #2

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