So, your free content: Use it or…um, don’t? I guess?

My hiatus is about to come to an end. But before I return to serious social media-ing and bloggonating (Blogg O’Nating, by the way, is the worst leprechaun name ever), I thought I’d muse at you a little. Inspired by NASA.

Because seriously, this is beyond fantastic.

“But Steph,” you protest. “What does that disarmingly catchy parody have to do with my business? I’m not an astronaut!” You don’t have to be. You have content for days. Just gotta use what you’ve got. 

What do I mean? Let me explain. People love behind-the-scenes glimpses. Why do you think so many DVD special features are, in essence, someone wandering around the set with a camera? We’re curious critters, and like to see the stuff that’s hidden from casual view. So what happens at your biz that most folks don’t get to see?

Maybe you have a kick ass server room that looks like something off the Enterprise. Maybe you have a bottling plant with large, impressive machines. A chopping thing that chops. A spinning thing that spins. An extruding thing that extrudes. Maybe some of your employees play softball or have a barbershop quartet or run vicious Magic: The Gathering card games in the break room. This stuff is yours, for free, and can be part of telling the story of your business.

So yeah, you don’t have rockets to include in a video. But anyone with a cell phone can put pictures on Facebook or Twitter.

And you’re not just anyone, cupcake. You’re awesome.

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