So, Steph, what are you digging now? #2


If you’ll forgive me, I’m going to diverge from strictly marketing-related mojo and share just a little bit of the independent artistic greatness around DFW. Why? Well, I have a theory.

Seems to me that if you want to write well, you have to feel your soul as well as your brain. Data is crucial to successful marketing! You’ll never hear me say otherwise. But that’s a necessary condition, not a sufficient condition. There’s more to marketing than data. There’s inspiration. There’s lateral thinking. There’s making connections between unrelated ideas in order to create something new.

So, want to wake up those synapses? Get you some art in you.

What I'm Digging Now: Marketing Miscellanea & Assorted Whatnot

We’re very lucky to have some kickass radio in North Texas. Here are some sonorous suggestions for your earholes.

Radio Graphic

WRR Classical 101.1: Classical Music and the Arts for North Texas

WRR was the very first licensed radio station in the state of Texas, and is the second oldest radio station still broadcasting the entire country. Nice, right? They feature a lot of great music (with plenty of the baroque goodness I love), live recordings from both the Dallas and Fort Worth symphonies, and shows like Exploring Music with Bill McGlaughlin that will make you feel super brainy.

Now, maybe you think you don’t dig classical music, though you might be surprised at the breadth of stuff that label covers. But in case my boy Barry Samsula’s breakfast show isn’t to your taste, here’s another indie option.

KNON 89.3: The Voice of the People

KNON started broadcasting in 1983, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. This is a 100% listener-supported, volunteer-DJ, community-responsive station. When they say the voice of the people? They aren’t kidding. The breadth of stuff they offer is incredible.

You might hear Israeli pop. You might hear Scandinavian death metal. You might hear Zydeco. Jazz, gospel, country, punk, reggae, tejano, Texas blues…look, what I’m trying to say is they have you covered. There’s talk, too, like Beyond Bows and Arrows with Albert Old Crow.

Maybe you’re in a wordier mood. DFW has you covered whether you want to write or listen.

Literature Graphic

W.O.R.D.: Writers Organizations ‘Round Dallas

W.O.R.D. is a coalition. A mafia-esque meeting of the capos and consiglieres, if you will. They’re your gateway to many, many, many of the writing groups in and around DFW. Want to write cozy mysteries? Check. Want to write Afrofuturism? Check. Want to write weird old poetic forms like sestinas and terza rima? Enh…maybe they don’t have a link to a group for that, but good on you for keeping the classics alive.

W.O.R.D. also puts on two events of incredible use to writers. Writers in the Field offers hands-on experience for everything from lock picking and archery to forging knives and smuggling pirate cargo. WORDfest brings together dozens of writing groups on the TCC Northeast Campus so you can find the folks you vibe with.


Dallas poet and legend Robert Trammell founded WordSpace to help writers get recognized. And paid. Let’s not forget getting paid. Because it’s hard to make a living as a writer outside of academia or the corporate world.

They put on poetry slams, and spoken word performances, and first readings by newly published authors, and literary salons which are like the ones from the 18th century only with indoor plumbing — and they even present award-winning visiting Latinx and indigenous writers at the Latino Cultural Center. But they’re mostly famous for Dallas Lit Hop, during which they take over April and rule it with an iron fist of literary awesomeness.

Feed Your Head

Look, this is just the tip of the soul-fortifying iceberg here in DFW. Have some favorites of your own? Share ’em in the comments. Let’s spread the wealth.

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