So, what does storytelling require, anyway? Part 3

Storytelling for Success

We’re back again. Together. You and me, ol’ buddy ol’ pal. Here to check out those classical Western storytelling tropes and how they can make your marketing awesome. We’ve already covered the protagonist vs. society and the protagonist vs. antagonist, so today, we’re going to take a look at…

Protagonist vs. Self, ie: Crippling Self-Doubt, Tony Stark’s Default State, Gregor Samsa’s Bad Day, Me Trying Not To Eat A Whole Tin Of Smoked Oysters On Crackers With Hot Sauce Don’t Judge Me They Are Delicious. 

This is the sort of tale in which our main character is pitted against herself. Possibly a narrative about mental health — and hey, just don’t, we have a really unhealthy ongoing conversation about mental illness in this country and to be handled well it requires a lot of nuance — or about self-control, or about resisting our baser instincts. Which makes it perfect for dual use.

Use #1? Be your best self! This is perfect for gyms, or healthy restaurants, or even schools. Those computer and culinary college ads that ask, hey, why haven’t you called yet? Textbook example. Overcome your self-doubt! Rise above! Do those pushups!

Yeah, I agree. Not so sexy. You know what is sexy?

Giving in.

Aww, yeah. Use #2. Just go ahead and surrender to those nasty urges. Buy that gorgeous car and revel in your wickedness. This is the fun way to play.

But how might it play out on social media? Images of decadence. Chocolate. Champagne. High-end watches. A picture is worth a thousand insinuations. The Jag campaign above even had a sexy little slither of a hashtag: #goodtobebad

Giving you some naughty ideas? Excellent. Then I’d say we’re done here for today.

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