So, what’s up with Yo?

Storytelling for Success

Have you heard about Yo? It’s an app. That lets you say “yo.”

No, really. It got seven figures worth of backing, and that’s all it does. That’s it. Or rather, that was it. Yo has been given an overhaul (a yo-verhaul?) that makes it less single-purpose. Users can now send hashtags and include URLs in their messages, expanding the app’s functionality by several orders of magnitude.

Which, to be honest, wasn’t hard. 

But here’s the meaty goodness: the Yo Index. (No, I can’t believe I typed that any more than you can believe you read it.) This part of the app lets the user get notifications from various services that use the Yo API. Want to get notified when Beyoncé posts a new video? When FedEx delivers a package? When your favorite blog other than mine posts an update? Yo can help.

So, why the expansion?

Several reasons. In fact, I surmise this has been the plan all along. But I do know one thing for certain. It’s hard to tell a story in two letters.

Everything is storytelling. Everything. And this app just made it possible to tell a lot more of any given story. Keep an eye on Yo, yo.

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