So, I’m nowhere near done with lateral thinking

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Now, I don’t want to brag? But I bargain hunt, y’all. Double coupons, discount codes, extensive online searches — I can squeeze a dime so hard Eleanor Roosevelt returns from the dead to smack me for roughing up her husband.

So when I decided to investigate shooting some lo-fi guerilla video for marketing and branding tastiness, I was not going to splash out for a shiny camera that did much more than I needed for much more than I wanted. Especially since I’d have to do tons in post to get the effect I was after.

Enter the fine folks at White Rabbit Japan, and the single most adorable video camera ever created.  

Day Tripper Digital Camera

That is a Fuuvi Bee 8mm-style Day Tripper digital camera, and you want one.

Just look at that! Smaller than a donut and twice as tasty. Inconspicuous. Shoots video in two formats, complete with audio, as well as static shots. I added that penny for scale because I know there was no way you’d believe how brute force cute this critter is.

What does this have to do with lateral thinking? Here’s the deal — this is marketed as a kids’ toy. Despite the fact that it can hold up to 16GB on a micro SD card and can shoot for about 75 hours on a single charge. You probably have an SD card laying around, and the adapter to download that data to your computer. This is a $40 gift from the marketing gods.

(And as an added gift to you, my darling little sasquatch, I already did the hunting. That’s the cheapest price online, nearly half-off what other outlets are charging.)

And look at the gorgeousness it shoots.

Lateral thinking. Don’t look at a toy and think, “just a toy.” Don’t look at anything, ever, and think just. Go lateral in your branding and your storytelling. Do something new. Be fearless. That’s how you stand out, mm?

Ok. All right. There’s one caveat. The instructions are only in Japanese. So I’m off to experiment. What lateral thinking are you off to try?

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